The Creation of Tension in An Inspector Calls Essay

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The Creation of Tension in An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls was written in the 1940's by J.B.Priestly and was first produced in London on 1st October 1946 at the New Theatre.The play is set in the year 1912.The play is about Eva Smith a young woman of twenty four years who has died in a infirmary. She had been taken there because she'd swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant. She committed suicide. Inspector Goole arrives for some information at the Birling household in the middle of Mr.Birlings speech

Before the Inspectors arrival the family seems strong and happy.The men are confident which sets a positive atmosphere.

They don't seem to understand each other which also implies they
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When the Inspector arrives there is conflict between Birling and the Inspector. The Inspector argues with Birling. We know this because in the play it says:

INSPECTOR-why? BIRLING-(surprised) did you say why? INSPECTOR-yes . . . '

Birling is surprised. No one talks to him like that ever because he is a man with a lot of authority. The Inspector undermines and challenges Birling's authority. This creates tension because you want to see how Birling reacts. The two characters have a difference of opinion and a different outlook on life and their own responsibilities and they clash. Priestly uses this difference to create dramatic tension.

Birling is ambitious, wealthy and is a self-made-man. Because the Inspectors questions him he becomes angry. He is a snob and uses his authority and power wrongly.

Birling tries to intimidate Inspector Goole by implying he might lose his job. This creates tension because the audience want to see how the inspector will react to such threats. The inspector is not afraid of Birling, he argues with him and takes control of the situation.

The Family begin to argue, talk and finally understand each other as the Inspector unravels the story of Eva's life. The timing of his arrival itself creates tension. When the Inspector arrives and rings the

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