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The Constitution of the United States

was made from scratch in 1787.

Benjamin Franklin, George

Washington, and James Monroe were

some of the most prominent and

popular of the founding fathers that

helped make it. The Constitution has

many elements of it that were a

compromise between different

factions with in the colonies. Most of

the delegates tried to look past their

own partial interests in order to create

a strong national government for the


James Madison the "father of the

Constitution" drafted a proposed plan

of national government. The "Virginia

Plan" presented by Edmund

Randolph, caught the delegates full

attention. The plan was about a

three-tiered structure of government

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The "Great Compromise" saved the

convention from coming apart. The

compromise was the agreement that

in lower house the more populous

states would receive more

representation, and in the upper

house all representation is equal for

every state. With the "Great

Compromise" came the slavery issue,

splitting the sides up to basically

North vs. South. The South wanted to

have their slaves count in the

population vote of their state and

secure their chattel property. The

North preferred however the

constitutional restrictions on slavery.

With both sides arguing heavily, the

delegates agreed to go home and take

some time off and come to a

compromise with each other. Finally

both groups made careful concessions

for the sake of the union, resulting in

the North-South Compromise of

1787. This made every slave count as

"three-fifths" of white persons so

they could determine representation

in the lower house of congress. But

along with the new means of

determining population came a tax

that is set on population. So with

more representation for the South

came more taxes. Also it was agreed

with the "North-South" compromise

that there would be no legislation on

the importation of slaves into the

United States until 1808. Each side

would agree to find a middle course

in order for

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