The Conflict Between Palestine and Israel Essay

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The Question of Palestine and Israel For decades, the people of Palestine and Israel have had conflict with each other. The cause of the conflict was due to religion, territory, and borders ( The conflict began when Israel officially became a state in 1948. Within the same year, political issues of Jewish immigration to Palestine turned into a problem during World War I (White, 200). The issue had gotten worse when the British became heavily involved and decided to negotiate with the Arabs within the early 20th century.
Unfortunately for both groups, the British had managed to gain control of certain parts of the Middle East with its influence through the Mandate of Palestine (White, 201). The Balfour Declaration of
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( A compromise was made to separate the country in half so that each can have their own state. The partition plan was designed to create a Jewish state (
Consequently, the Palestinian-Arabs found out about the plan and was outraged. The Zionists, who were the Jews, felt happy to have a state to call their own. Their major goal all along was to have a Jewish homeland in Palestine (White, 200). The happiness was short lived when the Arabs attacked the new Jewish state instantaneously (White, 202). The warfare between both Arabs and Jews would start in 1948 and end in 1967 (White, 202).
As time passed by, groups of people would form to create nationalistic groups. Yasser Arafat was one of those people. Yasser formed a guerrilla organization known as Fatah, to make a campaign against Israeli in 1959. Fatah became the only means of weakening Israel after the Six Day’s War, a few years later in 1967 (White, 225). He would use small-unit tactics and terrorist actions that were similar to Irgun Zvai Leumi, a Jewish terrorist group organization (White, 218). Those tactics would include bombings, threats and beatings (White, 202). Later on, he would lead the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), formed in 1964 (White, 217). The Palestine Liberation Organization was a secular organization that was attempting to create a government for displaced Palestinians (White, 217). The members within the organization were

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