The College Student's Dwindling Thirst for Knowledge Discussed in Rebekah Nathan's article, "Academically Speaking.."

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"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education" (Albert Einstein). Today, college classes are furthest from the minds of the very students enrolled in them; their curiosity and thirst for knowledge is dwindling. There is more importance placed on the interactions, parties, and other dorm life experiences than the degree needed for a successful career. In Rebekah Nathan's article, "Academically Speaking.." she explores the apathy that students feel towards college classes and suggests that the current structure places too much emphasis on personal experience. This system affords too much freedom to students by allowing them to decide what information is most relevant. Nathan voices many valid concerns surrounding the notion …show more content…
This lack of desire surfaces in the classroom in the form of scarce participation. With a light-hearted attitude, Nathan performs a social experiment that asks students to select a person who is a ‘witch’. Unsurprising to the professor, students converge upon the individuals who are bright and outspoken pupils. These people naturally stand out because of the “unconscious norms of classroom behavior that focus… on the importance of being the same as other students.” (105) Students would blend in rather than risk being seen as an outcast among their peers. This strategy compromises the student’s ability to ask either a thought provoking or clarifying question. Being an invisible, unnoticed member of the class undermines the teacher’s techniques by creating a tense environment. The professor can not know if everything he says is well understood because no one is willing to stand out and risk looking unintelligent or over inquisitive.
They proceed to lose out on an opportunity better their education and become active in the classroom environment.

In her article Nathan composes a list of things that students learn from college, unsurprisingly, most of the topics stem from outside the quiet classroom structure. What worries her

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