The Christian Attitude Toward Abortion Essay

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The Christian Attitude Toward Abortion

Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a foetus, or the ending of a pregnancy through medical means. In society today abortions are common and no justified reason has to be presented. The topic of abortion is quite a controversial issue and people today have a range of opinions and ideas on the matter. Some may argue it is the murdering of a child but others in defence to this may say that the foetus is not yet a child as before 24 weeks (this is the latest stage of pregnancy where a termination is permitted) of pregnancy all the features of the baby are not yet formed consequently making the foetus not a human being. This all depends on the time
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In the eyes of such organisations abortion protects a great number of children from being unwanted and rejected and relieves society from burdens these children may become, especially in the case of disabled children. Abortion is an act, which may be claimed as responsible, and some may go as far to say that abortions should be available on request regardless of the circumstances.

On the contrary, there are also organisations such as Save The Unborn Child, which fight for the life of the unborn child. They believe that from the moment of conception the child has a right to life, as this is where life begins. In some cases it may be argued that abortion is a convenient form of contraception and encourages people to take a casual approach to sexual relationships. Another answer could perhaps be adoption, however as thousands of unborn children are aborted each year the chance for couples that are unable to conceive to have children through the process of adoption is reduced. Resorting to an abortion can result in certain consequences for the woman both physical and mental. Pursuing an abortion can in the long term emotionally scar a woman as afterthoughts of guilt come over them and this can lead to suicide in extreme cases. It is not only

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