Essay The Call - Fictional Writing

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The Call - Fictional Writing

"All I'm asking for is a simple, attention-seeking advertisement! If you prefer, I can pay you a deposit straight away and once this bank gets up and running, I'll send over the rest by cheque." By that time, Clive Green, a thirty-eight year old bachelor, was beginning to get slightly frustrated with his childhood friend.

"No, it's okay," shouted Carl over the roar of busy workers and machines in his workplace. "You can pay me a lump sum later on. For the time being I'll just make sure the billboards read: 'Empire Banking Corporations. The world's first-class international bank with low interest rates. Open an account before the 31st of August and enter our grand
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Carl had obviously completed his task well. In just a matter of forty days, Clive had diverted thousands of calls to his colleagues and department managers. The public liked a unique prize-draw and more than competitive rates with close rivals such as Citiwide Bankers. Clive became a wealthier man and the business ran smoothly. He was proud that the accountants and cashiers, especially in the main city branch, were honest and reliable. Success had always been one step ahead of his ambition!

Late Friday evening, Ray Atlee entered his magnificent, three-storey residence in Hampstead after a dragging day of hard work. His wife welcomed him home with a quick peck on the left cheek, which was routine. She ran her fingers through his thick, ginger hair and asked with a gentle smile, "How was your day, today, darling?"

"Well I can't make any positive comments." Ray replied, sleepy and yawning. "Citiwide is gradually losing its popularity." He hesitated, thinking twice about whether or not he should concern his wife into such confidential matters. It had obviously been too late. Elaine was already involved by then.

"Ray, I - I don't understand what you're trying to say! Has something terrible happened?" Her husband took a seat on the black leather sofa in the front room. He rested his elbows on his knees and dropped his head in his shaking hands.

"Let's just put

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