The Business Strategy of Loreal Group Essay

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Mission of L’Oréal is offering “Beauty For All” by provide the best in cosmetics innovation to women and men around the world with respect for their diversity. (L’Oréal, 2012) The company addition mission values are “beauty is a language”, “beauty is universal”, “beauty is a science” and “beauty is a commitment”, these mission values are set to achieve the goal by meeting all the beauty needs and desires.

PESTEL Analysis: External Influence on the market
Political / Legal Aspects
In 2009, E U (European Union) had implemented a ban on the sale of cosmetics with animal test no matter where the testing place and it went into effect on 11th March 2013. This ban has brought some impacts to the cosmetics industry such as the firms are
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The strongest growth figures come from South Korea, Japan and China, revealing that men in these countries are becoming more and more beauty conscious. (Euromonitor International, 2013)

Technologic Aspects
Beguiling fragrances, smoothing essences, lipsticks with both decorative and conditioning ingredients—the range of products offered by the cosmetics industry is vast, and the demands made on cosmetics packages are just as diverse.

Customers expect high-quality products that offer beauty, well-being and a certain image. The packaging must be a high-quality eye-catcher with a stylish look and, if possible, be equipped with additional functions. The Italian Coesia Group is pushing ahead energetically with machine innovations. Its Swedish subsidiary Norden Machinery, for example, which specializes in tube filling machines, is constantly at work to increase the flexibility and versatility of its systems. Among Norden’s most recent developments is an inspection system that ensures 100% detection of leaks in plastic and laminate tubes in-line and ejects defective tubes automatically with no interruption in regular product flow.

Environment Aspects
Microbeads can be found in beauty products like shower gel, facial scrubs, shaving cream and toothpastes. In the last year, the scientists have been found the microbeads are showing up in the oceans (Reuters, 2013) and also pointed out the microbeads are easily confused with natural food found in

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