The Brilliant Byzantines Essay

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There are Romans and there are Greeks but who was better in ancient times? Neither were, the Byzantines outlasted both the Greeks and the Romans. Two of the greatest empires come together to make an empire that lasted from ancient times to the beginning of modern times. The Byzantine’s were an empire that lasted for a long time, however its start took a great deal of time. The Byzantine Empire started from a colony in Greece but it didn’t become an empire for a while after becoming a colony. It all began from the Greek colony that was founded by Byzas called Byzantium (History). This is where the word Byzantine is derived from; the colony was located in the middle of the Bosporus strait (History). Making it a very hard place to attack by …show more content…
The western half of the Roman Empire had fallen but the eastern half was left untouched due to its location (Ancient). Constantinople was located on the Bosphorus strait, which made it hard to attack (History). Many people confuse why the Byzantine Empire is called the Byzantine Empire and not just the eastern Roman Empire.
Christianity was a big part of the Byzantine Empire, and the primary reason of why it’s called the Byzantine Empire, and not the eastern half of the Roman Empire (Ancient). The Byzantine Empire was the first empire to be founded in Christianity (Ancient). Although it was a Christian state there was still Paganism for most of the first century because it gave quite a few people inspiration (Ancient). The Byzantines organized the church and gave it five patriarchs who lived in the cities of Rome, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Antioch, and Constantinople (Catholic). The patriarch in Constantinople was superior, except to the pope in Rome (Catholic). At least until the Great Schism which occurred in 1054 when the Eastern Church, which was the orthodox separated from the western church, which was Roman Catholic (Ancient). Although religion played a big role in the forming of the empire it also played a big role in its downfall (Ancient).
The Great Schism was possibly the most dynamic part of history in the Byzantine Empire. It all started when the church had a theological dispute (Catholic). It was not just one dispute, but actually many disputes that led to

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