The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Díaz Essay

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On analyzing a symbol as a literary convention used by author, Junot Díaz makes a way to identify the purpose of the device. In his novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (2007), the mechanism is used to develop a specific character and point of view. The symbol is a sensory image that holds rich implication that holds either a narrow or broad connotation. However, on occasion the reader is cast off by the author with an unknown meaning of the symbol and is forced to create his own interpretation. The latter principle is intentionally carried out by the author as a literary hook to draw the attention of his audience to keep reading. Moreover, in combination with the symbol is the calculated method by the author of his utilization …show more content…

Not two days after the atomic bombs scarred Japan forever, Socorro dreamed that the faceless man was standing over her husband’s bed, and she could not scream, could not say anything, and then the next night she dreamed that he was standing over her children too (Id. 237).
The narrative is filled with a mysterious symbol of faceless men that hold a meaning, when I interpret this symbol, as being related to the “fuku” aka “zafa” that is generally a curse or doom. Moreover, the faceless men are used as a gesture, to give a signal to the reader, that something dangerous is about to occur.
Junot Diaz through various interviews said why he used the symbol of faceless men as well as reveals its anticipated significance. In one interview Misty Reno of The Tack Newspaper reported that students posed a question for Diaz as, “Who are the faceless men?” Diaz replied by stating that, “Do I have any idea who…they are? No…[but] every time I took them out of the book the novel fell apart, but I wasn’t sure what they were. The reader himself has to find what these creatures [the faceless men] are because when they make that decision, the book will take on a very different shape” ( Additionally, another found via research of a response Oscar Wao gave regarding the faceless men was that he explained that, “Your unconscious understands your novel better than you do. Often you don’t know why you’re putting

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