The Benefits of Taking a Gap Year between High School and College

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Gap year is the term used to refer to the year after a student has graduated from high school and before the student enrolls in a college. Sometimes, students also take the gap year in between academic years. For many students leaving high school, a gap year provides a most welcome break but it can also be a cause of frustration for others depending on how the time is planned and managed. It can be a way of taking some well-deserved rest while gathering momentum for the next level of academic life, or it can be a time to catch up on various matters around the home. Many high school leavers have also utilized this short break from regular school to explore activities away from home of which were out of reach before. However, great care …show more content…
Different individuals have different reasons for taking the gap year. While for some students taking the gap year revolves around engaging in some adventurous life, others desire to learn through experience, rather than the normal book-oriented type of learning. Some use this year break from school life to explore passions and have a chance to taste the world out of school (White 12). For serious academicians, the gap year offers a most yearned for break and the chance to have a practical experience in one’s areas of interest. Weak students will utilize this opportunity to study in a different environment in preparation for a successful college life. According to Morgan, “Gap years are great antidotes for academic burnout and struggling grades, or if you lack motivation or conviction about getting a college degree” (231). In many cases, students apply for colleges before they leave high school where they get the assistance of counselors and teachers who offer services for recommendations. After the gap year, some of these students defer the admissions they get because of change of priorities and new interests that develop during the break from studies. As stated by O’Shea “Infact, it is not uncommon for former gap year volunteers to live overseas, working in business, international organizations, or government” (108). It is therefore very important to have a

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