The Benefits of Modern Medicine Essay

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After the industrial revolution in the 18th century in Europe and America, there was the rapid industrial and economic growth in the 19th century, which in turn caused various scientific discoveries and various invention therefore making more progress in identifying illnesses and developing modes of treatment and cure, this was where modern medicine started. After the industrial revolution there were more industries, which in turn created a lot of work-related diseases and poor hygiene, also as the cities began to grow larger, more communicable diseases began to increase, cases like typhoid and cholera became epidemics. As well, due to the changes occurring, more and more people became more aware and since there was democracy there …show more content…
Poliomyelitis is an example, this childhood illness was a common occurrence, it does not have a cure and it is a very serious problem as it affects a lot of children, but the development of the polio vaccine in 1952 helped to drastically reduce the number of people affected, therefore creating a better life for them. With the utilization of technologies involved in advanced medical specialty, the doctors can observe problems and set a proper form of treatment for individuals experiencing health problems. By using x-ray machines or cardiograms there is a definite certainty of the origin of a problem so it can be easily dealt with, but this is not possible with other forms of medicine because they only focus on the emotional state of the patient not on the particular origin of the problem. We see that the rate of infant mortality, has decreased around the world because of improved technologies used in modern medicine to properly take care of premature infants or even other babies with complications at birth so they can grow up and live a meaningful life. In traumatic cases, modern medication can serve to treat the conditions that move up, for exemplar, if there is an accident and the patient gets a heart attack, the lifesaving rescue equipment like the defibrillator is also a component of modern medicine, hence assisting the person recover. This modern medicine also includes longer life

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