The Assassination of John F. Kennedy Essay

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In Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, America’s beloved President, John F. Kennedy, was shot and killed in Dealey Plaza. This event was the September 11 terrorist attacks of the time. The nation was in absolute mourning. Soon after the calamity, many began to speculate whether there was only a lone assassin involved. Now, five decades late, the debate over who pulled the trigger or influenced the murder, is still a controversy. On the day of the assassination, President Kennedy was riding in his motorcade around Dallas. By this point, Kennedy and his colleagues were preparing for the next presidential election in 1964. Sitting in the back of the presidential limousine with his wife Jacqueline, the President casually smiled and …show more content…
Why are these theories so widely believed by American society? It possibly may be because of the conflicting accounts between the Warren Report and eye witnesses. Dr. Robert N. McClellan, a doctor who had treated Kennedy, tells of a scene differing from the government account. Dr. McClellan recalls that the wound at the back of President Kennedy’s head was a gaping exit wound, not an entrance wound as the Warren Report claims it to be. He also claims to have later seen a photo from the autopsy where Kennedy’s head appears to be mended back together. The gun used in the assassination is also a hotbed of conspiracy. Oswald had recently become employed at the Texas School Book Depository at the time, and several of his coworkers stated that morning he had carried a package only about two feet long, which was too short for a forty inch rifle and was also not the right size if the gun were disassembled either. The Warren Report claims Oswald had brought the rifle with him on the way to work that morning, but eye witnesses oppose what is said in the official report. Also, the gun used has been inconsistently identified. Officers at the scene identified the rifle as a German Mauser, while the gun was supposedly marked as a 6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano rifle made in Italy. This evident discrepancy sprouted suspicions

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