The Articles of the Confederation Essay example

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“Because of man’s sinful nature, we cannot live in a state of anarchy; we need government to maintain law and order. But because those in authority have the same sinful nature as the rest of us, we cannot trust government with too much power” (Stripes). There have been conflicting views on the nature of man since the birth of the United States of America. Some have said that we cannot trust government because those in office will act on their natural tendencies to enslave the people and create a monarchy from which there would be no escape. Others question the acts of the people, saying that humans are too naïve and ignorant to be able to keep a strong governing force over themselves. No matter what is being said, there is still a key …show more content…
The unlawfully elected officials allowed their power to cultivate, like flies surrounding a roadside carcass, as the primitive state governments began to cave (Norton 144). The destruction of the individual little governments led to the need for a strong, central government. The powers of the Continental Congress had been unfolding almost by accident, since the new little American world was focused more on booting the “red-coats” out of the country and less on creating an organized government system (Norton 175). It wasn’t until late in 1777 that American representatives "sent the Articles of Confederation to the states for ratification, and those Articles simply wrote into law the unplanned arrangements of the Continental Congress" (Norton 175). Finally, America had its first national constitution. However, problems began to develop almost immediately. The states "devoted little attention to their national government," and they continued to live under their states' laws (Norton 174). Thus, "the United States of America was described as 'a firm league of friendship' in which each state 'retained its sovereignty, freedom, and independence'" (Norton 175). The States each had their own money system, so there began to be disputes among the American businessmen. "Congress couldn't tax, they could only request contributions" so the national government began to die (Lamb 80). Also, "the Articles required unanimous consent of state legislatures for ratification

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