The Ancient Druids Essay

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The Ancient Druids

The ancient Druid religion was created within Celtic society at around 500 B.C.
The religion itself was manifested through observations of the natural world. These observations of nature led to the philosophical, spiritual, and ritual base of the Druid religion. The ancient Celtic people populated Gaul and the British Isles from 900 B.C. to
700 C.E.(1,2,5). These were a people of nature. At the height of their society at around
300 B.C. there were hundreds of independent Celtic tribes. Each tribe had fixed borders but held the forest and agricultural land as common ground. Some of the land was worked in common for the sick and the poor (5). The social structure was based on democratic idealism. Every
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They would also learn magic based on the powers of nature. A student had to always be open and observant. A student could train to be a Priest, a Bard or an Ovate. The Bards were the keepers of tradition through oral art. After basic training they would study grammar for twelve years. They would memorize hundreds of stories, poems, and philosophical proverbs. They would keep the history of the Celtic people and were considered to be very important to society (2,5). The Ovates were the sorcerers of the Druid order. They were the healers of the
Celtic people. They specialized in divination, conversing with the spirits and prophesising the future. They practiced magic through the powers of nature. The most advanced Ovates were said to be able to control the weather, levitate various objects including themselves, and change their shape into something else, most commonly a crow (2,5). The Priests formed the professional class of Celtic society. They were the teachers, the ambassadors, the astronomers, the philosophers, the theologians, the scientists, and the judges. They led all public rituals, which were held within fenced groves of oak trees. They were not mediators between man and god. They served as guides of wisdom and directors of ritual. Each Celtic person has his or her own connection with the devine (2,5). Women were allowed to become Druids as well. The female

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