Essay about The 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion

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The use MEDEVAC in the U.S. Army has been in place since the Korean War, it was used to transport soldiers when wounded on the battlefields back to the CASHs and MASH units for immediate care. The pilots, medics, crewmembers, nurses and flight surgeons that have flown and been assigned within these units are very proud of their service. The demanding schedules, fast reaction times and service these crews experience create a tight knit unit. Through the modernization (that the army started pushing in 2005) to realign aviation assets in Combat Aviation Brigades (CABs) has caused a substantial loss of historical identification for these units. The MEDEVAC branch falls under the Army Medical Detachment (AMEDD) the officers assigned …show more content…
I was stationed within the 30th Medical Brigade, 421st Medical Battalion, 236th Medical Company (Air Ambulance); our station was Landstuhl Army Heliport, which indirectly fell under the shared command on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC). This medical installation is well known throughout the Army. LRMC purpose is to provide the next level of care for those soldier and troops injured while deployed down range. As the closest medical heliport in proximity to both LRMC and Ramstein Airbase, we provided quick evacuation flight support and ferrying services from the Airbase to LRMC. The history of the 421st Medical Evacuation Battalion unfolded on 1 October 1933, the 421st was constituted into the regular army as company C. When the unit was officially activated 15 July 1942 they were designated as a medical collecting company; which essentially means that aid stations, MASH & CASH units routed injured soldiers thru the 421st on to further medical treatment. The unit deployed to Germany in 1944, being stationed in the Rhine and central regions. The 421st's World War II role as a collecting company was to serve as the unit geographically located between the forward battalion aid stations and the clearing companies with the mission of regulating patients to the evacuation hospitals. This "middle ground" was

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