The War Of The World War II

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World War II was a war no one anticipated to be as horrific and excruciating as it was. Some of the actions performed during the Second World War were of such magnitude, that those who survived were torn for their lives, the children suffering along side the parents, as the ripples of time collided with the shoulders of those men and women who where forced into a battle for their lives and their future. The unjust burdens pushed down on the reluctant participants of this war ended in more than just their pains and suffering, but the pains and suffering of hundreds of thousands of others, although this was unjustifiably unable to be altered. After the surrender of the German Army lead by the infamous Nazi Regime in May of 1945, the attention of the Allied forces quickly shifted towards the Japanese Empire. The island-hopping strategy adopted by the U.S. Navy successfully brought a new aircraft that would destroy and bring life to this war. President Truman was obligated to use extreme force against seemingly impossible odds in the shape and form of a never forgiving, never-ending enemy: The Japanese Empire. Many cogs where in motion after the United States offered Japan the opportunity for an “unconditional surrender”, and after an analysis of this article we will see key people that shaped the world.
In the summer of 1945, Japanese people called Prime Minister Kanto and his cabinet ministers “the government” and these ruling elites where the first to discuss the Potsdam

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