Tess Of The D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy - Is Tess a Pure Woman?

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Thomas Hardy’s Tess Of The D’Urbervilles (A Pure Women) - Do You Agree with Hardy’s Subtitle, A Pure Women?

‘Tess Of The D’Urberville’ was written by Thomas Hardy in 1891. Tess is the main character who gets exploited by the character, Alec. The question is whether Tess is pure or not. The subject of purity caused a lot of controversy in the Victorian times. The dictionary definition of the word purity is that if someone is pure they are innocent, fresh, virtues, chaste and very trustworthy.

Thomas Hardy English poet and novelist, famous for his dispictions of the imaginary county “Wessex”. Hardy’s work reflected his stoical pessimism and sense of tragedy in human life.

In the Victorian times you were able to buy names
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We know that Tess is pure because any other girl will show off after finding out that their from a higher class than everyone else but Tess doesn’t, she is ashamed and embarrassed when her father passes by the farm making a fool of himself on the horse and carriage. Tess comes home when her mother tells her about their founded lineage ‘had it anything to do with father making such a moment of himself …? I felt…with shame,’

Responsibility is another definition of the word purity. After Tess takes Prince to the market because her father is unable to go, on the way back they have an accident and Prince dies, ‘do you know that there is a very rich Mrs. D’Urberville…. Who must be our relation? You must go to her a claim kin and ask her for some help in our trouble’ this shows us that her mother tries to force Tess into go and ask for help from Mrs. D’Urberville. Tess really doesn’t want to go but then her mother persuades her into going which she does the very next day.
‘I don’t know…answered the girl restlessly…I killed the horse… I suppose I ought to do something to

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