Daisy's Selfishness In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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Daisy Is Not Worthy of Gatsby 's Devotion
Rossana Leung
One should never squander their time on someone who does not love them as much as they are loved. In The Great Gatsby, the classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the protagonist Nick Carraway moves to New York City to pursue his career in the bond business during the 1920s. He meets his neighbor Gatsby, who pretends to be a classy person who was born rich, and later discovers his reason for doing so: he wishes to impress and win the heart of Daisy Buchanan, whom he has dated for a short period of time. Through many attempts to please her, Gatsby attempts to "reverse" time and get her to choose him over her current husband Tom. Although he is unaware of this, Daisy does not deserve
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After the fight in New York City, Daisy furiously strikes and kills Tom 's mistress, Myrtle. She drives away before collapsing in Gatsby 's lap and blames him for her death. Because he loves her so much, he willingly accepts the accusation in order to protect her. When talking to Nick, Gatsby says, "Yes [she was driving] but of course I 'll say I was," (143). She is unwilling to stand up and take the blame for the horrible crime she has committed and uses him as a scapegoat, not caring about the consequences. Gatsby has also spent the last five years dreaming of reuniting with her and impressing he, but as his funeral, she “hadn’t sent a message or flower,” much less attend (174). A Throughout the entire novel, her selfishness was displayed. She does not even agree to do Gatsby 's simple request - to say that she never loved Tom. After trying to say she does not, she bursts into tears and cries,"Oh you want too much! I love you now - isn 't that enough?...I did love him once - but I loved you too," (132). She clearly has no romantic feelings towards Tom, especially since he had cheated on her multiple times, but she still remains with him in the end. She always puts herself in front of others, not caring what happens to them in the …show more content…
Daisy immediately moves on from Gatsby as soon as he leaves for war and later forgets about him. She makes herself a priority even when others need more help than her. She also judges people just because of their backgrounds instead of their character and success. Her materialism and greed surpass whatever good qualities she encompasses. Gatsby is the complete opposite of her and does not notice how they do not belong together. She does not even care for him in the slightest way and uses him as a scapegoat in the end, leading to his downfall. In order to make two people in a relationship equally happy, the two would have to be equally in

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