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The book Long Shadow of Temperament by Jerome Kagan and Nancy Snideman and has an influence on a child’s behavior; “The contemporary view is that temperament is a biologically based but evolving aspect of behavior; it evolves as the child's experiences are incorporated into a network of self-perceptions and behavioral preferences that characterize the child's personality,”(Santrock 186). Temperament essentially provides us a set of personality traits that are molded by the environment the

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Kagan and Snideman studied a group of 11 year olds whom consisted of 13 percent hazel or green eyes, 39 percent brown eyes, and 48 percent blue eyes in this study they found, that children with a smaller body size and blue eyes were three times more likely to be high reactive as opposed to low-reactive, (Kagan & Snideman 187).

Infants who smiled and rarely cried were classified as low-reactive, placing them in to the uninhibited category. These individuals are extraverts with a social and bold personality. If raised in the proper enviroment people in this allocation are more likely to be leaders; occupying positions such as political office, head of corporations due to their proclivity to being risk takers. One identifiable trait of uninhibited individuals is their tendancy to smile often, which means they have lower heart rates (Kagan & Snideman 114). Uninhibited individuals are more likely to be taller, brown eyed, and have a heavier body build.

There are two different approaches psychologist can take while researching or interpreting their evidence: continua and categories. Psychologist who utilize continua to interpret their evidence feel that there is a flaw in separating things into categories. For instance, arguing that everyone who has blue eyes are inhibited is an erroneous statement because there are individuals with blue eyes who are classified as uninhibited. Viewing temperament and other
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