Teenage Suicide Essay

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Suicide is an issue that many young people struggle with everyday. Suicide is the third leading cause of death, behind accidents and homicide, among adolescents. The middle teenage years are the years with the greatest incidence of teen suicide (Fritz, 2001). 7 percent of youths under the age of 25 have attempted suicide at least once (Psychology Today, 2001). These statistics alone show that teenage suicide is something that needs to be dealt with. There are many risk warning signs, and ways to prevent teenage suicide. Some individuals have a higher risk of attempting, and then completing, suicide than others. Suicide attempts among youths have been associated with depression, substance use, loss of a family member or friend to …show more content…
Teens with low stress tolerance and poor coping skills may influence a teen to see suicidal behavior (Sanchez, 2001). Rigid thinking and irrational beliefs may influence a teen to see suicide as a reasonable way out (Sanchez, 2001). Teens who struggle with homosexuality may also have issues with suicide. Those who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual are said to be more than three times more likely to attempt suicide than straight youths (Savage, 1999). This may be because of the confusion in discovering their identity mixed with who people tell them they should be. Some teens bottle up their feelings and act out with suicide, other teens may murder others before taking their own lives. One factor underlying suicide is the failure to construct a healthy identity (Portes, 2002). Many of the teen years are one's attempt to find who they really are. This can be a long and painful journey for most young people. According to Erikson, this period of self exploration where a teen might say ?I give up? or ?I quit?, may not be signs of mild depression, but signs of despair (Portes, 2002). Loneliness can come from depression, which is ?...having low spirits over a long period of time?(Shleifer, 59). People who are lonely can be in a room full of people and still feel lonely. This is something many teens experience daily. Even people who have lots of friends can suffer from loneliness/depression.

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