Teen Pregnancy in Illinois Essay

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In some regions of the world such as China, a one child policy was established due to overpopulation (Jian) . One of the reasons for overpopulation was because of the vast number of births from exceptionally young couples. Locally, in 2009, 1,991 children were born to women between the ages of fifteen and nineteen in Rock Island ("Illinois Teen Births by County") which was a shocking amount due to the dramatic drop in teen pregnancies nationwide (See Figure 1 below). Figure 1 in 2009 the teen birth rate was the lowest it had been in previous decades. However, Rock Island County was rising (“Teen Birthrate Hit Historic Low In 2009”).

Based on these statistics, teen pregnancy is obviously a large issue in this county. A
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The other Wes, the one who did not write the book, had a slightly older brother named Tony. When Tony was a teenager, sex education was not required in New York high schools (Santos). This surely played a part in him being a father at such a young age. For a lot teens such as Tony, being a teen parent is not financially an easy life. Paying for your child at a young age proves more difficult because sometimes the teens’ parents do not help support their grandchildren. If a young teenager has a baby, the said teen probably has not had a job prior to the baby’s birth due to a lack of life experience compared to adults, most of whom have a job. Some could claim that having a child earlier in life provides a fresher start in life. However, due to the consequences, the chance of getting a good start is very minimal. Some consequences branching off the financial issues include the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. “Young people ages 15-25 contract 19 million STDs annually” ("11 Facts About Sex Education in the U.S."). A number of these diseases can be life-threatening or can require extended medical care.
The best solution for Rock Island county is to have a private, safe sex clinic. The clinic is similar to any other women’s health clinic, but it has a bit of a twist. In most women’s health centers, any women can go there and get free birth control. Instead, with the clinic we are proposing, it

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