Essay on Technology in the Workplace

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The world is getting smaller, yet remains full of possibilities due in part to technology. Interestingly, the very first emails could only be sent to someone using two computers, literally side by side. Technology dates back to the first manipulations of materials to assist in human survival. There are many definitions for technology, John D. Carl describes technology stating,” it deals with the creation, use, and application of knowledge and its’ interrelation with life, society, and the environment” (Carl, J.D., 2011, p.301). For the purpose of this paper, any instrument, invention, or method influencing and allowing people to control or adapt to their environment, is technology. With the increased availability of technological …show more content…
These operations enable direct, simultaneous, dispersed relations. They allow the expansion of collaboration, trade, production, and the innovation of knowledge and power. This network of information holds the knowledge of human kind, and is woven into every aspect of our lives; making every process of life simpler and faster. Often, we forget technology is but one facet our lives, a tool to harness and use to serve us, not the reciprocal. According to The Pew Internet Life Project, as of May 2013, 91 percent of American adults have a cell phone, and as of September 2013, 35 percent of Americans ages 16 and older own a tablet computer (Brenner, J., 2013). The profound integration of technology into everyday life shows how unusual it is for someone not to have access to all the forms available. However, greater access does not minimize the impersonal nature of technology.
As previously noted, by rendering geographic locations irrelevant, the nature of today’s technology is impersonal and reduces face-to-face contact. While utilizing technology systems (internet, text messaging, instant messaging, email, and audio/video software) as better productive communication means; the impersonal nature decreases our interpersonal communication (communication between people). Humans require close interactions with others for social and emotional well being. For this reason, interpersonal communication plays an important role in maintaining relationships

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