Technology: a Hindrance or a Help? Essay

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Technology: a Hindrance or a Help? Technological innovations have been a key factor in the efficiency and progress of society throughout the ages. They have helped to make the daily and mundane chores manageable and sometimes even enjoyable but they have also taken away our ability to perform without them. Through the extensive use of technology the human brain has become idle and unable to do even the simplest of tasks without more effort than the task would require. Though technology has made communication over long distances easier it has also taken away the emotion and intimacy of communicating in person. Technology can also be used to deceive and has proven to be detrimental to relationships, people's social life, and learning …show more content…
The lack of an appeal factor makes it harder for teachers to interact and engage their students during the lesson. If students are less focused on their teacher they are less likely to learn as much. Research has also shown that an excessive use of the TV or computer can result in a child's development of ADD. ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder and is a condition in which children and/or adults have difficulty staying focused for a period of time and is usually marked by inattentiveness and sometimes hyperactivity. These leisure technologies have addled the brain and they make it difficult for most students to learn and participate effectively. Many technological inventions are also used to try and compensate for the students decreasing attention span. More and more schools are implementing new devices to try and counteract the effects of the TV and computer. They use videos, interactive games, and in some cases they provide students with a portable devices to research and interact in the lessons electronically. Previously students would refer to a book for information but now they are able to use the internet with high-speed search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Information is becoming more and more accessible but the students are becoming more and more lazy. The use of these devices for research in the classroom during the lesson

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