Tears Of A Tiger by Sharon Draper Essay

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Tears of a Tiger by Sharon Draper

After a basketball game, four kids, Andrew Jackson, Tyrone Mills, Robert Washington and B.J. Carson, celebrate a win by going out drinking and driving. Andrew lost control of his car and crashed into a retaining wall on I-75. Andy, Tyrone, and B.J. escaped from the four-door Chevy right after the accident. Teen basketball star and Hazelwood high team captain was sitting in the passenger's side with his feet on the dashboard. When the crash happened, his feet went through the windshield and he was unable to escape. The gas tank then exploded and burned Robbie to death while the three unharmed kids tried to save him. Andy goes back to school and talks to his basketball coach about how he feels about
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Andy's parents yell at him because he will never get into a good college. Andy has been feeling pressure to do well in school, as college gets closer and closer. Everybody in Andy's class hates Marcus because he makes while all the other brothers in his class make Cs and Ds. His school counselor did not help him at all when he went to visit she just said he would not be able to succeed in pre-law because it was too demanding and he should just stick to sports. Andy does not try in school because the teachers do not think he is paying attention in class. They think he is just another dumb kid. After Christmas break Andy goes to see Dr. Carrothers again. This will be the first Christmas without Rob. Andy tells a story about how he and Rob used to go into a store and mess with the sales woman behind the counter because she was afraid of them because of their appearance. It always made him feel bad the way they were treated. Kiesha calls Andy to tell him there is snow on the ground and that they will not get off from school. When they get to school their, English teacher shares a poem she likes about black on white. In class, they get in to a big discussion on color, race and the effect it has. On Andy's next visit to Dr. Carrothers, they discuss the weather and Andy's depression. Dr. Carrothers tells Andy to call Rob's parents, but Andy does not have the nerve to. Andy tells a story about him and Kiesha walking and talking. Andy got upset because it was

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