Taking Responsibility for the Holocaust Essay

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Taking Responsibility for the Holocaust

The hatred of Jews dates back hundreds of years. Jews were slaughtered in there thousands during the 16th Centaury, and were seen as a general menace. So, there has always been some kind of anti-semitic view in Europe, especially the central part. There was also a very large hatred of Jews within the German Christian Church. The Christian church saw Jews as the murderer of their saviour and as such, was not fond of any Jewish people. The hatred between the two religions contributed greatly to the hatred of Jews in general in Germany.

The main blame for the holocaust has come to fall, fairly obviously on Adolph Hitler and his Generals including, Goring,
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He believed that the loss of World War I (which he had served in) was the result of a Jewish conspiracy, the Treaty of Versailles was also a Jewish conspiracy designed to bring Germany to her knees and that the hyperinflation of 1923 was the result of an international Jewish attempt to destroy Germany. Nowadays, many ordinary people would see these accusations as paranoid lies, just as many people are questioning Tony Blair and George W. Bush on their decision to invade Iraq at the moment, but in 1933, the people of Germany were very willing to listen to Hitler's outrageous claims. However, when war broke out in 1939, Hitler's attitude changed slightly, and not wanting to alienate himself from the German people, tried to distance himself from the slaughtering itself. Hitler often publicly claimed that the Jews were not being slaughtered but merely "resettled". There has never actually been any documents found written by Hitler that indicate that he did order the Final Solution but it cannot be denied that there would have been no way that the Final Solution could have been initiated without some kind of authoritative nod-of-the-head from Hitler.

Hitler was not the only leader-like figure who could be to blame for the Holocaust. His Generals played a very large role in initiating and controlling the slaughter of millions of Jews.

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