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Responsibility is a concept generally tagged towards adults, but during adolescence preteens are introduced to series of tests aimed to prepare them for what is to come. The time frame of middle school to high school shows preteens and teens that they have to make appropriate decisions when situations present themselves in their life. Dealing with responsibility of one’s own life is an ongoing challenge that takes time to get accustomed to. Instances related to adolescents taking responsibility

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By educating young adults to understand how they play a role in society is vital to the success of society at large. When young adults get closer to being the legally acceptable age of eighteen, many still feel as though they are being treated as children. The sooner that act is altered morals such as respect, responsibility and accountability can be achieved. Accountability is a sub-definition of the term accountable, relating to “the obligation to report, explain, or justify something; responsible; answerable” ( As adolescents become adjusted to the expectations of adulthood, the lessons they have learned can then be utilized in situations involving their health and academic responsibilities.
Majority of high schools require students to take a course that involves sex education, common illnesses, disease, and other health related topics. Although the students go through this course, a large percentage does not take this opportunity to learn seriously until a situation comes up. In a hypothetical situation, the questioner would gain more information on the topic of sex and sex related illnesses. If the question was related to cough or a simple cut the answer would not involve actions to keep from getting sick. Brakman’s research showed that
“Adolescents’ overall rates of sexual activity are stable, remaining similar to rates found in the 2002 NSFG and 2007
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