Summers With My Grandparents Essay

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I remember as a young child about 9 years old always given the privilege to visit my grand parents in Rutherfordton, North Carolina in the summers. I loved my grandparents with all my heart since they were the only set I had ever known. My father had left my brother and I at a young age and his parents had seemed to have left as he did. Every now and then they would resurface but never really had any part in my life. My mother’s parents were known to all of us as “Maw-maw and Paw-Paw”. With me being from the North all the Yankees addressed their grandparents as “Grandma and Grandpa”. I always felt extra special being able to call them Maw and Paw. It gave me a feeling as if “they”were different from other grandparents and in my eyes …show more content…
I remember people always making fun of the way we talked but the funnier thing was I thought the "hillbilly" slang they spoke was even worse. It was such a fun time and I was so full of exitement and anxiety to see them and all my other relatives. My grandparents always made it such a special time for my brother and I. Maw-Maw could really cook too. She could take a fresh catfish and make a gourmet meal from it. Home made apples pies with a crust that would curl your toes. A three-layered white frosted coconut cake the would melt in your mouth but above all her incredible homemade biscuits with lard all done up in her wood cooking stove. She used that to cook everything in. Even though she had an electric one she would tell us she hated it. She never even had a telephone until she was 60 years old and we only got to watch one program on her television, "The Young and The Restless". We had to be absolutely quiet almost to the point of tip toeing when her "stories" were on. After that we could again return to being the wild country bumpkins in and out of the house onto the front porch. That really amazing front porch. If that porch could talk my word, the stories it could tell. Discussions of hope and love, death and divorce and even then as a child not knowing that one day I would be sharing those same discussions with my Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw on that same front porch. When my cousins would come around, which was almost

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