Essay on Stress Induced Eating

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Stress Induced Eating Constantly in daily life stress appears. Living in a very fast paced environment where everything is needed or wanted in an instant. Between having a family, going to school, and working a job or jobs there are many things in life that can cause a person to be stressed. In a world where you have to multitask constantly to keep up, stress is a given. With all of that our body has to deal with on a regular basis, overwhelming stress is not a good thing to have. Now people deal with stress in many different way, but most of us like to eat when we are stressed, regardless of what we are stressed about. Our body deals with stress in many ways which include, releasing certain hormones which either increase or …show more content…
Psychological stressors are any stressors that affect you psychologically or emotionally which includes anxiety, depression, fear, and sorrow. Physiologic stressors are anything stressors that affect your overall physiological state which includes performing heaving or extreme exercise, and pain. Social stressors are anything that affect your social life which are changes in the way that you live or your lifestyles, and personal conflicts with friends or family. There are many things in our lives that can cause us to be stressed. Also stressors can be short term which in considered to be acute stress, or they can occur everyday which is called chronic stress (Nowson, 2007). How we react to our stressors can occur in many ways but the two most important ways in which we do are the "active fight or flight" patter which is the sympathetic adrenal medullary system. This is typically activated during period of acute stress. The other way in which we react in the passive pattern which is the pituitary-adrenal cortical system which involves the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal. This is typically activated during people who are chronically stressed (Nowson, 2007). Stress can have all sorts of affects on our body, but one of the things that we do when we are stressed if release hormones. Stress causes all kinds of hormones in our body which can cause all kinds of symptoms to happen. One of these symptoms of stress is over eating. Over

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