St. Benedict Essay

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     Late in the fifth century the son of a well-off family in Italy left for isolation on his mission to truly seek god. This man was St. Benedict, who is credited with the first establishment of the concept of withdrawing from all temptation for Christian beliefs in the west. St. Benedict left his home and went to the top of a mountain, where he established a monastic community. In this community the individuals who resided there, constantly reiterated their faith. They sacrificed whatever they may have had to prove their true commitment to God. This became an early ideal of Christianity, that one must suffer loss and sacrifice to prove their loyalty to the faith. It was believed in this time period that if one …show more content…
Because of the fame circulated around St. Cuthbert’s tomb the clergy decided to move it to a safer environment. The body was moved from Lindisfarne to Durham, where years later the Durham priory was built, with a shrine and the encasement of St. Cuthbert’s tomb.
     Construction of the Durham priory was started in 1093. Durham was called a priory because the prior had rule over the monastery, opposed to an Abbot. St. Cuthbert’s shrine cause much visitation to the monastery and with the visitors came gifts and offerings to the church. This caused the monastery at Durham to become the richest religious house north of York. This richness and wealth that the monastery possessed is one of major factors that lead to its eventual downfall.
     As the centuries went on the monastery grew and changed from what St. Benedict first envisioned life in a monastery to be. “The English monasteries were not as cut off from the life of the country as Benedict had intended his monks to be .” The once world denying monks, now enjoyed more of an indulgent lifestyle. The monastery itself was built to be the best in the land, and inside, it contained such luxuries as a bowling alley, nice living quarters, and servants to do the work that was beneath the monks. There was also a selection process to enter

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