Essay on Slavery and Racism Today and Yesterday

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"...a civilization gone with the wind..." the American Civil War did just that, it ended the American way of life forever. Imagine, if you will, a slave auction, human chattel being stripped of their dignity and sold like cattle. This issue divided an entire nation; it divided families, fathers fought against sons, brothers against brothers, cousins against cousins for these beliefs. The negative impact of slavery on American society and America's psyche today is mostly generational; older whites and blacks that grew up in an era of segregation are damaged for life. Today, the bigger issue is the media. All you have to do is listen to the radio or watch T.V. to see how African Americans are depicted in the media. Even secure African …show more content…
To that extent, many families in America are consciously or subconsciously teaching intolerance and bigotry to their kids, and kids end up absorbing these myopic and faulty views of other people in the world.
The remnants of slavery in society exist today mostly as a distant remnant of the past. People who still harbor animosities against other races do so because of their upbringing and their need to be better than somebody else. These feelings are not unusual. The fear of the "other" or difference or the need to be better than someone else is a natural human instinct. Divisions amongst people are common; they have existed from the beginning of time on the basis of: race, religion, political views, sexual preferences, height, weight etc. However, as the world becomes smaller and as we all learn and grow, we should logically become more tolerant. Any honest review of the effect of slavery on America will reveal the sad fact that a lot of the problem of the African American’s in America today, is a direct consequence of the complete abuse, psychological degradation and class warfare that has now become a subconscious evil in today’s American society. Substantial amounts of African Americans are incarcerated. Very few African Americans are involved in the political and economic progressions in America. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 8.3%; but the unemployment rate in the African American community is a shocking 14.1%.
The outcome of

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