Essay about Shaping American Poetry

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It’s easy to compare two great poets of the late 19th Century. Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman were both authors and had a unique writing style. Although the two have some of the same views on things, their writing styles were drastically different. When put plainly, Whitman likes to use free verse, while Dickinson on the other hand prefers regular rhymes, and complex slants. Dickinson’s poems are also considerably shorter in contrast to Whitman’s. Again, when it comes to word choice, Dickinson has a more plain style, where one could compare Whitman’s to a flashier, bolder word selection. Both poets though, would be apart of the Romantic Era of writing. They also heavily believe in individualism and had some of the same thoughts on …show more content…
They both belie in life after death, and the thought that if you are remembered, you are never really dead. Each also like the idea that the Earth is living and humans are a huge part of it. Imagery is huge in both authors’ works. Where Whitman is detailed, and bold, the reader can get a clear picture, Dickinson uses personification to bring life to her works. When comparing the imagery found in both works, and the themes of the twos poems, you can start to see similarities. When even just looking at two poems, you can automatically see some differences, and some similarities. The messages presented, and the way they are presented is only one way the two are similar, where as the style and types of poems differ. Both authors made significant contributions and certainly helped with poetry we still see today.

Death, life, God and nature are huge parts of both authors’ poems. But when reading the two, you can definitely feel a difference. Loud, big, bold are just three adjectives used to describe Whitman frequently. The symbol of grass in his poem is just outstanding, how he can link all generations of all time into something we take for granted everyday. Dickinson on the other hand, would be described more as plain, concise, and to the point. When looking at her poems, the vibe of death is more surreal than Whitman’s view. Reading the two together, you can tell very clearly the two think very differently from each other and

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