Self Harm in Adolescence Essay

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Some say that the teenage years are one of the most challenging and trying times in an individual’s life. Many changes take place, both emotionally and physically, which sometimes can give the feeling of excitement… or in other cases… complete confusion and utter turmoil. Because emotions tend to run high during this period of life due to hormones, some teens resort to an unhealthy way of coping to deal with their emotional pain. This unhealthy way of dealing with emotional pain is also known as self injury. Self injury (or self harm) is widely known to take place during the teenage years up until the early years of adulthood (ages 14-24)when judgments become more defined, criticism becomes harsher, and limits are tested. The …show more content…
Stereotypical self injury is usually found amongst people with mental illnesses, which includes head banging (on any hard surface or object), eyeball pressing, and biting themselves (1). The last category, superficial self injury, is the most moderate as well as the most common category for self injury. One of the most common forms of superficial self injury is cutting. This involves cuts or scratches on the skin made with a sharp object or fingernails. Most common places for cutting are the arms, legs, and abdominal area since they are easily hidden by clothing (1). Cutting can become addictive or habit forming because of the temporary emotional release it gives. The more the individual cuts, the more he/she will want to do it the next time and the next time after that, up until he/she is found to be doing it every time they need emotional release. This type of behavior is also known as compulsive behavior. Another form of Self injury is hair pulling, or trichotillomania. This form of self injury involves pulling and removal of hair anywhere on the body. Hair pulling is most common with head hair which, if continued for long periods of time and frequency, can result in bald patches or complete baldness. Hair pulling can also occur in eyebrows, eyelashes, and pubic hair. Like cutting, hair pulling can also become addictive and habit forming. Sources say that trichotillomania has also been looked

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