Scholarly Communication Essay

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The current age of digital information has brought many changes to our culture. We see clear evidence of this within the area of scholarly communication. These changes involve the significant increase in the amount of information that is available, the variety of the type of content included in scholarship, the dissemination process and the way scholars access and interact with this information. The academic library has traditionally strived to build collections, organize them for access and facilitate retrieval to support the research and teaching objectives of their students and faculty. Currently, the library is engaged in a redefining process in light of these transformations. It was thought that the dawn of digital content would …show more content…
These networks are a complex combination of links, hubs and nodes. A small number of the hubs are highly interconnected by many links and most hubs are minimally connected. Some hubs have become much more powerful than others making them the major thoroughfares of information. He has associated this idea with the fields of biology, sociology, computer science, and cites the World Wide Web and its functionality. The links on the Web are based on a hierarchy of popularity.2 Therefore, just because valuable information is available on the Web, that doesn’t mean that it is being accessed and viewed. It must be indexed and linked within the network to garner the most exposure. In the case of scholarly communication, in order to facilitate advancement it is important for scholars to be part of this grand connectivity and have their work linked to these major hubs. The library must focus on aiding their community in providing the passageway to these hubs. Previously, the major link was print versions of scholarly journals. Then with the advancement of technology, dissemination was moved to a digital format. This was to be a positive change to improve user accessibility and allow for a wider disbursement of the research. However, the Association of College and Research Libraries has noted the significant consolidation of the publishing industry and the major control in the industry is now left to be held by a few large commercial entities. Prices of many journals

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