Salutory Neglect in the American Colonies Essay

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The United States of 2011 offers a drastically different lifestyle to that of our ancestors. In today’s modern America, it is hard to think back and imagine the lives of those before us. In the present world, most people take for granted the freedom they experience in their everyday lives. This freedom may be owed in part to the unofficial British policy of salutary neglect. With the word “salutary” meaning favorable and promoting health, this policy was Britain’s way of letting their colonies in America prosper. This policy offered and assortment of advantages and disadvantages to both Britain and the colonies while also planting a seed among the colonies that that would change the country forever. Starting around 1650, Britain began …show more content…
He claimed that “if no restrictions were placed on the colonies, they would flourish.” Britain had quite a few reasons as to why they used salutary neglect, but there are three main ones. First, the colonies were a part of their mother country Britain, and therefore they were expected to do everything could to serve the mother country (Britain) through mercantilism. England just expected that since they were in charge of the colonies, that they would stay loyal to England even with less law enforcement. Second, Britain was in the midst of civil war when the policy was enacted. Britain desperately needed to focus on solving their at home conflicts without having to worry about the colonies’. By lessening the tax burned on the colonies and instead relying on the colonies raw materials, Britain was receiving help for their war effort. Lastly, Britain was fully aware that eventually they would be butting heads with the French in a war for possession of the new World. By giving the colonies a taste of independence and freedom, Britain felt it would keep the colonists happy and devoted to their mother country. The policy did its job quite well and kept both England and the colonies happy, all while creating a list of pros and cons within the separate countries. Both parties involved in the policy of salutary neglect reaped a major benefit. The main advantage for England was the fact they had possession over their colonies longer. If Britain had not laid off

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