Review of The Laughing Falcon by William Deverell Essay

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Review of The Laughing Falcon by William Deverell

"The Laughing Falcon," a novel by William Deverell, is about a middle aged woman by the name of Maggie Schneider, who wants no more than a two weeks vacation in Costa Rica. The story begins with Maggie's last day of work, before her Christmas vacation, at CSKN-TV where she works as a copywriter, despite her desire to be a fulltime writer. It is the company Christmas party and she is only thinking about her long flight out of the cruel winter of Saskatoon, to the relaxing tropics of Costa Rica. The following afternoon Maggie is on her way to San José, very uncomfortable because of her immense fear of flying. When she lands in San José she goes to
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One afternoon, while at lunch, the dinning lodge is invaded by six masked revolutionaries. They quickly take control of the lodge. After discussing amongst themselves for several minutes, they take Glo and Maggie hostage, leaving the rest tied together. The revolutionaries, along with their hostages, then make their way through the dense jungle, being led by a man called coyote who clears a path for them with a machete. Maggie is able to determine that the leader is a man named Halcón. After wandering for several days Gordo, one of the revolutionaries, shots himself in the foot while trying to kill a boa constrictor who had wrapped itself around him. They group then traveled for a few more days, at a very slow pace because of the injured Gordo. They then arrive at the continental divide, the Pan-American Highway. Halcón leads them across without being seen, and then takes them to a farm about a mile away from the road, where they spend the night. At the farm Maggie writes a note that she hope the rescue team will find. The note says that her and Glo are okay and that they are most likely heading into the Chirripó National Park. Later while at the farm Maggie discovers that the leader, Halcón, is none other then Pablo Esquivel. He tells her that he really was attracted to her and that he only took the money because he needed it for the mission. He explains to her that they are trying

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