Essay on Resolving the Energy Crises in Pakistan

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Energy has become a significant precondition for the economic development of any country. On one hand it is used for the industrial and agricultural purposes and on the other hand it is required for domestic use of the citizens.

An energy crisis is regarded as a shortfall or deficit in the supply of energy resources to an economy. It usually refers to the shortage of oil and electricity or other natural resources such as coal or gas. This crisis often has adverse effects on the rest of the economy, with many recessions being caused to it, In particular, the rising production costs of because of the increase in electricity tariffs. For the consumer, the price of petroleum products such as gasoline (petrol) and diesel for cars and other
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Solar and wind power energy appear to make the most sense, primarily given the geography and climatic conditions as well as the maturity of the technology in the country. Today, regardless of the utmost need for entrepreneurial activity in this critical sector for the country, people are scared to enter it fearing the corporate and political behemoths that roam the territories.

The use of solar energy in Pakistan or in the rest of the world is not something new. Most of the countries are doing it successfully for decades and their populace is benefiting through the use of this free resource. These days, this energy is being utilized not only to light our homes, run fans, provide power to our fridges and microwave ovens, assist in warming our homes and swimming pools but also to provide power to our gardens and street lights, run our Televisions and computers, and even to extract water from the sub-soil for irrigation purposes.

A practical running illustration of the use of solar energy could be seen in various villages of Pakistan where each house has been provided with a solar panel that is adequate to run an electric fan and two energy saver bulbs. Earlier to this arrangement, the whole village used to be plunged in pitch dark during night. One such example is the Narian Khorian village, which is some 50 kilometers away from Islamabad, where 100 solar panels have been

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