Quantitative versus Qualitative Research Essay

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Quantitative and qualitative research are two methods to gather and synthesize data. When discussing these two research methods, one might ask what are the differences? If so, this paper answers the questions surrounding the differences including what the research involves. The purpose of the research can dictate which method would be the most beneficial. Qualitative research is open-ended whereas; quantitative research is more structured. The purpose of this paper is to describe the characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research and the application within an article.
What is qualitative and quantitative research?
Quantitative Research Description Studies using quantitative research analyze phenomena by trends and
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In the conclusion, the importance of the findings will be stated and considered within the strengths and limitations of the study. Considerations are acknowledged if the findings in the study were generalized or referred to external validity. The researcher examines the clinical significance and the relativity of the study to make suggestions in general and for future research (Coughlan, Cronin, & Ryan, n.d.). Quantitative research is deductive by analyzing phenomena (Al-Busaidi, 2008).
Qualitative Research Description
Qualitative research seeks to determine and describe phenomena (Al-Busaidi, 2008). It includes information of data that is not easily converted into numbers. This sample size is small due to the extensive and detailed work that it ensues, termed as purposeful sampling. Qualitative research describes the sample size not based off of population but based off of the relation to a larger population (Anderson, 2010). There are many ways to collect data including interviews, observations, and analysis of documents (Al-Busaidi, 2008). Throughout data analysis, the research must be understood in relation to the population. The analytical approach is described including if the analysis was repeated for reliability, if the participants were asked to check the data, and if and how the themes and concepts were derived from the data. Results from the study are

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