Putting an End to Endosulfan Essay

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Imagine being the person who in the early 1950’s developed endosulfan, a new and cheap way to protect a very wide variety of crops and plants only to find out half a century later that it is destroying the environment and ecosystem. Not to mention it was used abundantly worldwide for decades and now it is even showing up in dust from the Sahara Desert as well as Arctic ice samples. It is highly unlikely any endosulfan was applied to any crops out in the middle of the Sahara Desert or up in the Arctic. Now being left with a few decades of organochlorine pesticide to clean up with such a vast range of areas affected by it due to long range atmospheric transport how would such a process take place? Is there a way to balance economical pest …show more content…
This poses risks of toxicity to non-target organisms of which include human beings. Examples of organochlorine pesticides include BHC, DDT, heptachlor, and aldrin. Among this class of substances also exists endosulfan. (Vivekanandhan and Duraisamy 2012)
Endosulfan is the third-largest selling insecticide worldwide. (Antonious et al. 2012) As an insecticide it is used to control various insects on a wide range of crops, including soy, cotton, tea, hazelnut, fruits, cereals, maize, and other grains. (Wang et al. 2012) It acts a residual insecticide instead of a systemic insecticide which means that it acts as a contact poison on chewing and sucking arthropods. (Antonious et al. 2012) It was developed in the 1950’s and in 1954 Hoechst AG won the USDA’s approval of endosulfan use in the United States. (Vivekanandhan and Duraisamy 2012)
When hexachlorocyclopentadiene is reacted with cis-buteno-1, 4-diol in a Diels-Alder reaction and then that product undergoes a reaction with thionyl chloride, endosulfan is produced. Technical endosulfan is a 7:3 mixture of conformational alpha and beta isomers which arise from the pyramidal stereochemistry of sulfur. (Vivekanandhan and Duraisamy 2012) It has also been studied and proven that in the environment the beta isomer has a higher persistence than the alpha isomer. This could be due to the beta isomer having a greater half life than the alpha

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