Propaganda and Advertising, Essay

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Propaganda is a neutral word, and it can refer to uses that are generally benign or harmless. However, nowadays propaganda still remind people to something devil. This is because of the wars, and some even more evil than wars. Lord Ponsonby echoed the sentiments of many when he wrote that propaganda involved ‘the defilement of the human soul which is worse than the destruction of the human body’. For the open-minded, continued exist of propaganda was limited the freedom and globalized society. It is forces us to think and work things in their ways. It cover the medium of our see the world by distort the truth. Propaganda is also one of the methods used in psychological warfare, which may also involve false flag
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Figure 1: Children, what do you know about the Führer?

Figure 1 show Adolf Hitler is carrying a child with kindly face and contain the flag of Nazi, the Hakenkreuz logo. The title “what do you know about the Führer?” show Adolf Hitler is propaganda himself to children through education. The word “Führer” means leader who is Adolf Hitler. He educated or children he is the absolutely reliable and following his word above written law, “leader principle,” or “Führerprinzip”. This make Adolf Hitler become a God-like Figure. According to Dr. Goebbels’s propaganda examples, propaganda is not only limit on the visual art but also in campaign. Nazis not only used symbolic imagery as poster, they also used anti-Semitism to scapegoat minorities, control mass media and newspaper to promote and filter, control the social sphere by film and cinema, mythologizing the Nazi party by writing semi-biography of Adolf Hitler, demonizing political opposition, absorbing high culture like music and opera and perfect the “Führer”. (, 2013)

Advertising is the way of marketing communication that to inspire, persuade, and influence audiences to purchase their products. Thomas J. Barratt from London working for the Pears Soap’s company and he created an effective advertising campaign for the company products. He creates effective targeted slogans, images and phrases to persuade and promote their products to audiences. One of

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