Essay Pretending to be Alice and Someone in the Dark

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So habitually still these woods have been, so eerie in their perfect tranquility, lacking disruption of human presence between dawn and nightfall, as dusk swiftly began to take over and diffuse the sunlight that once lingered amongst the bark's leafy spire, now enclosing the woods in hollow darkness as daylight took on a swarthy complexion. Already bent by time, the sturdy branches of the oak tree swayed back and forth in perfect rhythm to the violent, yet melodious gusts of wind. Its usually lifeless limbs becoming animated with the powerful expel of air that whistled a soft tune to the nightingale's song. The overlay of inert leaves began to levitate and scatter around, landing in various spots and resting there, until revoked once more …show more content…
The substance has found its way onto her hands as she stumbled across at a slow pace, growing more fear stricken with every step, but unable to pause, afraid her lack of movement would cause the silence to become deadly. Trembling slightly, she looked up into the sky where she found the moon to be a source of comfort. Silvery in sheen and ivory in tint, the luminous light it created has caused the blackness of the night sky to acquire a subtle, navy tinge. Seeing the stars gaze down upon her, she had found their familiarity a consolation. Her memory prompted, she remembered the stories once read to her. The celestial bodies she had been observing had always appeared as twinkle lights in the children's tales. Her thoughts were distracted by the sound of a rattling shrub, she tensed up immediately, her breath caught in her throat, she stood still and was relieved to find the noise wasn't continuous. She had once again proceeded to walk straight ahead in a pace that quickened with every step, no longer cautious and overcome with fear, she became oblivious to potential hazards on her track. She carried on down the same path, her quick stride gradually progressing to a gentle sprint when suddenly her movement was obstructed by a strong force on her shoulder, its abruptness causing her to almost fall to the ground. Jerking herself forward, she tried to free her firmly seized shoulder of something she

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