Essay on Prayer in School: One Hypocrisy of Our Democracy

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Prayer in School: One Hypocrisy of our Democracy

     This paper deals with the stance of our schools and government on prayer in school. In this paper I will show how our government is hypocritical in its dealings of the prayer in school issue and how some of us as citizens are hypocritical as well. I will discuss the freedom of religion rights and how its interpretation affects prayer in school. Also, I will address the popular phrase, “separation of church and state”, that is often used to argue against prayer in school.

     The First Amendment states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. There are several
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The board ruled that the Regents had authorized a religious gathering on public school property. (Volkomer, p.288) One of the hypocrisies in this ruling is that the very court that passed the ruling sits in a building with the Ten Commandments etched into stone on the walls. The same building has biblical pictures and a bible on the premises.

Our country was founded on the same principles we fight to keep out of our schools. It never ceases to amaze me how the American Civil Liberties Union fights for every person who complains that their rights are being infringed upon by a group of children praying in a classroom. Very seldom does the ACLU fight for those same children who desire to practice their right to prayer. It is understandable that school or other public establishments not endorse any specific type of religion or practice. However, the rights of these students to pray in school are just as important as the learning that takes place there. Students have no say in what classroom curriculum they receive, but it is forced upon them anyway. Who’s rights are being infringed upon, the children who are forced to not openly pray in school or the handful of students who don’t like the prayer? It is a tough subject to tackle but minority’s rights should always be protected as well.

Several states have tried to get around this ruling by the Supreme Court but to no

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