Poetry Styles of the Victorian Period Essay

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The Victorian Period (1833-1901) brought about the expansion of Britain’s booming economy. In Britain, around the beginning of the Victorian Period, the consequence of industrialism brought much unrest across the land. The factories were notorious for their horrible working conditions, and the common workers’ housing was atrocious. Victorians were struggling with religious, philosophical, and social ramifications (854-856). The complex background to what was happening in Britain at the time led to a new and interesting literature period. There happened to be three influential types of literature during the Victorian Period. The first of these types was Realism. “When Victorian writers confronted the rapid technological and social …show more content…
Their poems showed many of the characteristics of Realism and Naturalism.
One poem, The Lady of Shalott, by Alfred, Lord Tennyson leans toward the side of Naturalism but has evidence of lingering Romanticism. In the poem, there was a lady who had been cursed to live in a fortress above Camelot. From the title of the poem we derive that they called her the Lady of Shalott. We don’t know why she had been cursed to live there but we know that she could not look down on Camelot. The only way she saw people was through a mirror. She saw shadows of the people and weaved them into her webs. One day a shining knight passed by her mirror, and he was too much for the Lady of Shalott to resist. She turned around and looked down on him. She automatically knew that she must now die. Her corpse floated to Camelot where no one really minded that she was dead lying in a boat. I think that this poem is an example of Naturalism because it had many details and invokes images in the reader’s mind. “Four gray walls, and four gray towers, Overlook a space of flowers, and the silent isle imbowers” (870) painted a clear image in your mind of where the Lady of Shalott lived. This poem didn’t directly contradict Romanticism by revealing nature as harsh as nature didn’t play much of a role at all in this poem. But the poem did seem to show a lucrid life for the girl, and it showed the

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