The Characteristics Of Romanticism And Realism In The 18th Century

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Did you ever think about how the way we view literature was impacted by? In the 18th century, the Industrial Revolution made a huge impact in the world with there new and improved changes. Also during that time period, Realism was showing literature a new way to view stories. Charlotte Perkins Gilman was a famous Realism author in the 18th century,who wrote a well-known story, “The Yellow Wallpaper”. This story is about a lady who was consider needing help, was lock in a house not leaving the room, eventually going insane with no escape. Realism reflects through industrialism and “The Yellow Wallpaper” during the 18th century, using events are predictable and the character is more important than plot.
The Industrial Revolution was the beginning
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(FIX THIS) In the 18th century, Romanticism and Realism were strategies roaming the literature life in France. People tended to focus more on Romanticism than Realism. Romanticism focused on individual feelings. Meanwhile Realism, focused there type of writing on the lifestyle of common people. Romanticism had a big part in creating the realism movement because people wanted to stop looking at the ideal lifestyle and focus more in the present. In the article “Realism” (2012) it says, “Realistic literature examined the everyday occurrences in the lives of ordinary people and focused on the minute details of everyday life presented in a matter-of-fact way.” Realist were no longer focused on the romantic views of a hero. Along with focusing on ordinary people, other strategies such as the events are predictable during that time period. According to Campbell (2015), the realist focused on telling only the truth of society, and creating their characters to represent people in real life no matter if they jeopardize the plot. With the different types of writing, realism introduced people to read the literature and understand the changes in …show more content…
Gilman is story that revolves around a woman who is slowly losing touch with reality and becomes mentally ill. The story takes place in a mansion estate, during a time period before women’s rights, where it was socially unacceptable for women to say anything that “mattered,” and were expected to be mainly housewives. In the beginning of the story, the narrator is told by her husband John, that she is sick and that in order to get better she needs to be contained within her room within the huge mansion, and refrain from doing anything at all. At first, the narrator is apt to listen to her husband because she didn’t like his logic. However, due to the fact that John was a physician, she headed his word and followed his instructions. After this point, the narrator slowly begins to lose her grip on reality. As this starts to happen, the author shows Realism through the thoughts and actions of the narrator that soon follow. As the story progresses, the narrator begins to share her obsession of a yellow wallpaper, that is in her room. As she is continually secluded from society, she starts to see hallucinations and patterns within the wallpaper. In the end of it all, it gets to the point where her husband passes out because he’s sad because his wife is completely crazy and is sad because he made her condition worse. Then they end up leaving the

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