Plain Truth, by Jodi Picoult and Sing You Home, by Jodi Picoult

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Plain Truth and Sing You Home are novels both written by Jodi Picoult. They both have plots involving religion and how it strongly affects characters and the court cases they are subjected to. Religion is a topic addressed in the book in both a positive and negative perspective. The religions exposed are the Amish and Evangelical, which are shown to be extreme religions and have an impact on the community and the law. The positive side of the texts can be seen in some of the characters and their innocence such a Katie (Plain Truth) and Liddy (Sing You Home). The negative is spread across the pages, with murder trials (Plain Truth) and anti-homosexual preaching from the Evangelical Church (Sing You Home).

Plain Truth is a story of Amish
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Zoe and Vanessa fight to stay in control over their lives as they get put through public humiliation and turmoil over their sexuality. Religion has a major role in both texts, Plain Truth and Sing You Home. Religious constraints and pressures are what are shown the most within the texts. In Plain Truth, Katie is basically forced out of guilt and fear of consequences to admit to having a baby out of wedlock even though she is still denying her pregnancy in a court of law. The pressure of her life, which is based upon the Amish religion being destroyed and breaking apart her family more than it already has, is forcing her to admit to her sin. As Katie explains in the novel about Amish confession to Ellie her lawyer; “…I could stand up and say it wasn’t me skinny-dipping, I have a birthmark on my hip you didn’t see – but I never would… it’s much more embarrassing to talk about the sin than to just get the confession over with” (Plain Truth, p. 210)
This shows that the Amish religion has a control over the believers to be the same, to not go against the normal; to not draw attention to one’s self. In Sing You Home, Zoe is confronted by the Eternal Glory Evangelical Church lead by Pastor Clive Lincoln. The church is preaching against homosexuals and starts publicly attacking Zoe and her wife Vanessa when they filed a lawsuit for custody of Zoe and her

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