Penetration Testing Essay

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing has been well popularized by the media. Many companies are now offering penetration services to identify vulnerabilities in systems and the surrounding processes. This report will Discuss “Penetration Testing” as a means of strengthening a corporate network’s security. This report is divided into three parts. Introduction will give you a brief and basic overview of Penetration Testing and why we need Penetration Testing, The second part is the technical breakdown explains The strategy, model and type of Penetration Testing. In the conclusion, we will discuss both the value and limitation of Penetration Testing.

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A good Penetration Testing also providing an easy to understand report with corrective actions and follow up recommendations. Regularly performing penetration tests helps enterprises uncover network security weaknesses that can lead to data or equipment being compromised or destroyed by exploits.

It is important to point out that a penetration test cannot be expected to identify all possible security vulnerabilities, nor does it offer any guarantee that a company’s information is secure. Penetration testing is typically conducted at a point in time. New technology, new hacker tools and changes to a company’s information system can create exposures not anticipated during the penetration testing. In addition, penetration testing is normally completed with finite resources, focused on a particular area, over a finite period of time. Hackers determined to break into a company’s information systems are often not bound by similar constraints.

1.2 Why Penetration Testing
By simulating the actions that a hacker might perform, and company can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of the security controls in place over its information systems. Penetration testing can identify vulnerabilities that unauthorized users could exploit. It can also identify more pervasive gaps and deficiencies in the

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