Parents' Roles in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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Parents' Roles in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet experience adversity ultimately ending in their deaths as they do not have alternative means to support their marriage; the society they live in is aggressive and their feuding families have an 'ancient grudge' so powerful and potent that the protagonists cannot disclose their love to their parents. They are unable to confide in their parents is due to the lack of communication. Instead of Romeo's and Juliet's parents providing love, care and affection these qualities are brought to them by the Nurse and Friar Lawrence who fulfil the duties and responsibilities of parenting far better than Romeo and Juliet's actual parents.
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It is Lord Capulet's unsupportive and inadequate parenting along with his insensitivity regarding Juliet's feeling and emotions which drives her away from her family, towards Romeo and eventually to her suicide.

Lord Capulet is too rapid and abrupt. His quick, decisive and impatient actions regarding his daughters wedding to Paris is rushed. The original engagement was on Thursday and was advanced until 'Tuesday morning' this advance in time is purely of haste and assumptions on Juliet's mental state after the death of Tybalt. Lord Capulet assumes he understands his daughters' feelings and emotions however entirely unaware of the ultimate consequences. There are positive aspects to Lord Capulet's parenting.

He can be affectionate; he gives praise, respect and recognition. In the opening Juliet was described by her father as a 'blessed child'. Lord Capulet shows affection for her daughter as long as she complies with his rules and ambitions for her. He seems to have his daughters' best interests at heart and regardless of the unfortunate outcome, Lord Capulet would never intentionally jeopardise his daughters life for she is the only child. This shows that he cares for Juliet but does not reveal his feelings and emotions to Juliet in order to remain a dominant figure; his wife is a very similar type of character.


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