Essay about Overview of the Black Death

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Multiple circumstances within the cities, families, and organizations of societies contributed to the rapid spread of the plague. Rats, ticks and other rodents or insects where one of the reason the plague spread throughout the world and most of Europe. The ticks and fleas where infected with the disease and they bit the rats and other rodents, which infected them with the disease. The ticks and fleas also bit other rodents, livestock and even the attached themselves to humans and transferred the disease to them. The rats or other rodents ran throughout the place they where bit by the tick. Some of the rodents began to go into ship yards and trains. They bread with other rats and begin to produce offspring which created an even bigger …show more content…
We see this when the Archbishop of England dies because the priest that went to visit the sick people did not think they where infected. The people thought, along with the church, that the disease was a punishment from God. So a lot of people where not helped like they could have been because they thought that most of the people who got them where criminals. Hygiene within the cities and families was a major contributor to the spread of the plague. The sewer system was open and freely running. And sometimes people just opened their window and dumped their fecal matter outside onto the streets (Betcher, G.). The streets where mud and when they dumped the feces on the streets it mixed with the dirt and mud. When there was a light rain this caused a major problem because people would track the mud inside there house. This caused bacteria to spread rapidly throughout the cities. The systems had garbage and a lot of fecal matter in it. The rats that where infected also lived in the sewers and then when they needed food or water they would come out and scurry around people. When it rained all of this waste was washed into the nearest rivers, these rivers where the rivers where the towns people bathed, drank and washed their clothes (K.Alchin L.). And to help with the spread of the disease, people that lived in cities or towns where clustered together. When they added on to houses, if they added a second story to

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