Opinions of Marijuana Essay

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Opinions of Marijuana

Marijuana, a drug that has been studied for many decades, provides for a very controversial argument. Many people in society are aware of the harmful and long-term effects of marijuana, and therefore are strongly opposed to such a drug. However, there exists another array of opinions of which are focused heavily on the benefits of marijuana in the medical industry, as well as the pleasurable benefits that marijuana may bring to many individuals. Though there exists some evidence that marijuana could serve as a useful drug in the industry of medicine, it should not be considered for legalization because the benefits are greatly outweighed by the vast evidence that states the numerous harmful and long-term
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Researchers also uncovered the horrible fact that blood drawn from umbilical cords of newborns in mothers who smoke cannabis suffers an enormous damage, leading to cancerous birth defects. Not only are the newborns of such mothers affected, but the mothers themselves also possess a great increase of DNA damage. (3) The above mentioned effects are just a few of the possible harms of marijuana. As is clearly illustrated, marijuana is a very dangerous drug and therefore should not be legalized.

Along with the harmful effects of marijuana, there also lurk many long-term effects that greatly prove that the legalization of marijuana is not in the best interest of the public. "Every single scientific study that has been done in the last several years shows alarming increases in the toxicity and danger of using marijuana." (4) Many long-term users of marijuana have been known to develop psychological dependencies. This is when an individual feels the need to get "high" and has become reliant upon the drug to satisfy his/her psychological hunger. As time passes, the user also tends to require more of the drug to reach this satisfaction. (5) Another long-term effect, claimed by prohibitionists, is the further use of marijuana and other more deadly drugs. Marijuana is commonly known as the "gateway drug" creating yet another reason to halt the legalization of this drug. To put another roadblock in the path of legalization, researchers

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