Opinion: Search of Knowledge Essay example

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While the experience, proven technique, or research of an expert on a given subject are all tremendous guides in the quest for knowledge, the opinion of said expert will almost certainly hinder or deter one in the pursuit of knowledge. The very nature of an opinion is something that undoubtedly challenges the three aforementioned factors in regards to the search of knowledge. Most definitions of the word “opinion” have the same characteristics in diction, with “a belief,” “a personal view,” and “estimate” all topping the list of the most commonly used phrases and words. The most commonly used phrases and words in the diction of the definitions of “knowledge” are “truth,” “state of knowing,” and “study or investigation.” In comparison, it …show more content…
United Front (the experts) now has to either compromise its own research, risking integrity for funding, or risk publishing its findings and lose current as well as future funding. United Front publishes its' research, stating, “In our opinion, cigarettes are no more harmful than a walk in the park.” Personal interest has caused the expert to produce an opinion that will surely lead others in the opposite way of knowledge, with knowledge in this case being the truth about the dangers of cigarettes. It will also cause its research to be unchallenged in the future, not because it is accurate, but for the simple notion that if the expert says it's correct, then it must be correct.
Human emotion is another dangerous element in the opinion of an expert, partly due to the fact that emotions themselves can sometimes be subconscious in nature. First we need to look at how an opinion is formed. An opinion is formal statement formed by emotion, belief, perspective, and perception on a topic or issue, with emotion being the biggest contributor. The four components of an opinion all help to create a biased judgment, based on emotion and

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