One important thing that women don't undestand about men Essay

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Most women believe that all men love sports, no-matter if they’re participating or just watching them. The word “sport” gives them an impression of men running crazily on a football field or holding cans of beers yelling in front of the TV watching a live game. Sports are what most men like to play and talk about all the time, whenever they are at work or resting on the weekends. Meanwhile, women never understand why men love sports. Even when they joined the games or talk about it they felt bored and some may ignore the topic and just went away.
Some women think that men play sports because it represents a “male bonding”, closeness and relationships between father and son. In the United States, football is one of the most popular games
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Most males are taught to play sport games since they started walking, paternity starts from catching and kicking of balls in the backyard as many young children play with their fathers. In the ancient times, men were the hunters while women were the caregivers; when it comes to sports, instinctively, adrenaline and competition will attract men more. And it is generally, psychologically, believe that men are better in sport in the society. Although men no longer need to hunt for living, this affected man in present times, and these actions manifests itself differently. Sport became a tool for simulating behaviors that men used to have. Olympics, one of the biggest sporting events, was seen as a forum where men would compete and play for honor of the Zeus, the god of ancient Greek.
For most males, talking about sports is as basic as watching TV and reading newspaper. Men especially appreciate competition and solidarity to a group; they respect the athletic ability, because sports remind them of the men in their lives, such as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps. Sports in another way are like an outlet, satisfying many deep psychological & social needs in their lives. Sports can help us build the bonds with our friends or our fathers,

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